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American Jewish World Service

45 West 36th Street
New York, NY 10018

P: 800.889.7146
F: 212.792.2930

American Jewish World Service (AJWS) is the leading Jewish human rights and development organization working to realize human rights and end poverty in the developing world, as well as serves as a source of overseas volunteer opportunities

We pursue lasting change by providing financial support to local grassroots and global human rights organizations working in Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean and by mobilizing American Jews and others in the U.S. to advocate for policies that will benefit people in the developing world.

We focus on three areas of work:

  • We support women, girls and LGBT people so that they can stop violence and discrimination, gain control over their lives and bodies, and live in health, safety and dignity.
  • We aid communities in their work to recover from conflicts such as civil wars, fight oppression, speak out against injustice and create vibrant, peaceful societies that respect the rights of all citizens.
  • We support communities that are protecting the land, water and natural resources that they depend on for survival. These crucial resources are too often threatened by exploitative development projects, including digging mines and building dams.